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Bekanntschaften markt schwaben
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It lies roughly 23 km east of Munich on the northern edge of the Upper Bavarian district of Ebersberg.

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Margaret's Church are downtown, and the school centre somewhat southwest of there.

Markt Schwaben's arms might heraldically be described thus: In gules upon a three-knolled hill sable a falcon with wings outstretched argent armed Or.

Since the community decided in 1922 to include the designation Markt in its name, the town’s official name is Markt Markt Schwaben.

Under the Bavarian government lead by Wilhelm Hoegner, a number of market towns were raised to city status, among them Grafing and Ebersberg but the word "Markt" in the town's name at that time thwarted the community's efforts to be raised to city status.

In 1409, Duke Stephan III of Bavaria-Ingolstadt granted the town the arms of the former County of Falkenberg, which had fallen back to the Dukes of the Wittelsbachers as liege lords about 1272 after the Counts of Falkenberg had died out, thus making their arms "free" to be given out again as the new owners deemed fit.

Markt Schwaben's history can be traced back to the 11th century.The community acquired the property in 1967 and incorporated it into a new community centre and town hall.The castle's former moat can still be made out in the south and west.In 1283, Duke Ludwig the Strict of Upper Bavaria built a castle on a rise, as in those days, the old border between Upper and Lower Bavaria ran just behind Markt Schwaben to the northeast.The strategically well placed castle was destroyed many times, being built anew each time until in 1650 there arose on the spot a great, four-winged castle, whose south wing, made over in the neo-Gothic style in 1908, is still maintained today in the middle of town.First, the town of Schwaben found itself in the ownership of the Count of Ebersberg.