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nurturance, and social signaling of threat and courtship displays.In humans, reactive testosterone increases can be elicited in the lab by intra-sexual competition, status challenges, and the presence of opposite-sex observers.Unmarried man welcome as long as you're responsible for your own life.I honestly just want the thrill of a fuck-buddy friendship/sex/sex and more sex.We aim to specify the relative relevance of emotion cues (facial, prosodic) that are transmitted through different sensory channels (visual, auditory) and their impact on emotion decoding and subsequent information processing.

A multi-measure approach will be used to obtain data on individuals' performance, event-related brain potentials, and peripheral physiological indicators.

Studies investigating this dual function in ecologically valid natural settings are largely lacking.

The focus of this project on non-human primates will be on the dual role of oxytocin in male coalitions and in the initial formation and subsequent maintenance of affiliative social relationships.

For the data collection, the Ph D candidate will work at our long term field site in Phu Khieo, Thailand, where personality assessments, behavioral observations and play-back experiments can be conducted.

The neuropeptide oxytocin facilitates the development of interpersonal trust and prosociality as well as social categorization of others into in-group vs. Thus, oxytocin enhances the formation of affiliative and cooperative social relationships and at the same time it promotes defensive aggression and out-group competition.

In a theoretical part, selected theoretical models to analyze the incorporation of (grammaticalized) communicative and social signs into the grammatical system of sign languages shall be evaluated and extended.