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Dating plattform Hamm
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While he stands on a balcony dressed as an ancient Roman, Hamm is corrected twice before the director gives up and sends the whole crew to lunch. Hamm has coined this term to describe a comprehensive range of products for planning, measuring, controlling, documenting and analysing compaction processes.The HCQ Navigator is a satellite-based documentation system for the detection and readout of all important compaction parameters and compaction progress of one or several rollers.

Platform 3 at Stockport railway station, Stockport, Greater Manchester, England. You may use this photograph as you wish, but any commercial use must receive full permission from Andrew Hamm (Username: Ted Ted).

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The sensor measures the vertical acceleration of the drum.

The processor calculates the HMV value from these measured signals, transmitting the result to the display installed on the operator’s platform.

The HTM module can be used with all tandem and pneumatic-tyred rollers.

The GRW pneumatic-tyred rollers and tandem rollers of the DV, HD and HD i series can be fitted with one sensor at the front drum / axle and a second temperature sensor at the rear drum or axle respectively.

The HTM module (HAMM Temperature Meter) keeps the operator informed of the current asphalt temperature.

This information enables the driver to decide whether and how to compact the asphalt pavement.

Jon Hamm is excited to announce that H&R Block will file your 1040EZ for free.

He's so excited, in fact, that he keeps speaking about the promotion instead of reciting his actual line of "Rome, my city" while filming a movie.

The HCQ Navigator then combines the measured values with the position data to generate a real-time “compaction map” of the area to be compacted.