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Dating selmer amps
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Impact Amplifiers was started in London in 1963 by Don Mackrill and Laurie Naiff. and also had some music stores, Pan Music, Take Five and King Street Music Stores.

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That being said he cannot for the life of him date the sax. Whats got him puzzled is the serial number starts with a letter; B21xx I believe. Links to pics below; you need to scroll down a little bit!Buescher, Martin, Orsi, and Kohlert (I think), and perhaps others.Below is their sign on the back of amps sold in Sweden. S-marked amps has the voltage selector removed, and a few fuses added for higher safety.It's missinng on my own Impact 60, and the Impact 100 never had any, since the 60 was the only model that got S-marked and approved for the Swedish market. The Impact 60 head was the most common and popular model.Recently I got me another scarce, English guitar amp, a Miles Platting V.100 from 1974. It has two Fender-styled preamps with a Marshall-style 100W power amp.

If you know anything about that brand, or want to know what I know about it, please send me an e-mail!

My own user name there is "6 10"Below is a copy from an English Bells Musical Instruments catalogue from about 1970/71, which was sent to me from the kind Selmer-enthusiast Tim Fletcher. (Take a look at his and Steve Russels nice Hofner site, which also contains a lot of information about Selmer, Watkins / Wem, Bird and some other amplifier brands.) Click on the grey corner for a larger image.

Click on the pictures or the links for more about the products!

I have some pictures and schematics, as well as some copies from a couple of catalouges from the distributor out here: MILES PLATTING. Other vintage, British amps I have or had, is two Selmer Treble N' Bass 50, one MKII and one MKIII (both sold now), several Carlsbro 50 Top and a Carlsbro 100 Twin Channel.

I also have some Italian FBT tube amps, 150, 250 and 500-R2, as well as a few Swedish Hagstrm tube amps, 210, 310, 510, 620 and 840. If that's not where you came from, please make a visit at Plexi Palace, where there sometimes is some talk about Impact amps under the cathegory "Miscellaneous British Amplifiers".

Thanks to Don, I also got in tuch with the Swedish Impact distributor at the time.