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Patrick bruel single 2014
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Actor and singer Patrick Bruel was one of France's biggest stars during the '90s, first making his name as a teen idol and leading a return to traditional French chanson in the new millennium.

Bruel was born Patrick Benguigui in Tlemcen, Algeria, on May 14, 1959.

The double studio album Entre Deux ("Between Two" -- i.e., between the two World Wars) featured 23 selections from the golden age of French cabaret pop, and found him working with a wide array of guest stars, including Johnny Hallyday and the legendary Charles Aznavour.

In any case, his audience followed the move, helping to keep traditional French pop alive and vital for new generations.In 2006, the album Des Souvenirs Devant went to number one in both the French and Belgium pop charts, as did his 2012 effort Lequel De Nous after a six year musical hiatus.His first success came as an actor, in 1979's Le Coup de sirocco.He continued acting in films, on television, and in the theater while pursuing his singing career.It failed to attract much attention, but his next effort, "Marre Cette Nana-là" ("Enough of That Chick"), was a substantial hit in 1984.

A follow-up, "Comment Ça Va Pour Vous" ("How's It Going for You"), also found success in 1985.Supported by heavy touring over 2000, the album was a hit, selling over a million copies; it was followed by the double live set Rien Ne S'efface.Bruel had previously covered classic French chansons, usually in concert, but in 2002, he jumped into the style with both feet.With a string of number one albums and dozens of films and television shows to his credit, singer/actor Patrick Bruel has been one of France's most visible stars since his emergence in the 1980s.This Greatest Hits package from Sony offers up 16 of his best-known songs, along with a handful of live recordings.On 21 September 2004, he wed the 24-year-old Sthers; it is his first marriage.