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Se lager singlespeed
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And the weight of 21.5 pounds isn’t the lightest you’ll find, but isn’t over the top considering the steel frame/fork.

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It also gives a much more comfortable ride than a comparable aluminum frame.The bars on the bike are of the bullhorn variety and this will be my first time riding this type.If you haven’t already, check out my first two posts I did as part of this review (Part one and part two).Also be sure to read the comments on those posts as several readers left their impressions of the SE Lager as well.However, the bike does not come stock with a cog on the fixed gear side of the hub.

Out of the box, the bike looks nice with it’s darker brown paint and silver highlights.

If you’re looking to get the most bike for the least amount of money, I would look hard at the SE Lager as the answer to your problems.

The Lager features a Cr-Mo seat tube, integrated seat clamp, high-profile rims, high-flange alloy fix/free hubs, high-end alloy cranks, alloy bullhorn bars, and Freedom Thick Slick Sport tires.

Even with these few issues, it’s hard to say to much bad about this bike.

At a retail price of 0 (and available most places for much less) you get a great bike that is basically maintenance free.

The geometry of the bike is spot on and I’ve never felt the least bit of discomfort or lower back pain (that tends to plague me) while riding.