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Single horned beetle
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However, through hacking methods, it is possible to use one in a level.Buzzy Beetles reappear in Nintendo 3DS game New Super Mario Bros. They are found in numerous underground levels, including World 6-1 and World -B.Buzzy Beetles also appear in the Paper Mario series.

Kamek may also transform blocks into them during his boss fight in the World 8-Tower. However, the most notable appearance is the reappearance of Para-Beetles who have not been seen since their original appearance in Super Mario Bros. However, he can spit out their shells in the same manner as with a Koopa Troopa shell.

Big Buzzy Beetles were originally going to appear in this game too, but they never appeared in any levels in the final game.

In fact, they only appear in two levels, World 5-C, and World 6-Tower 2, where during the start of the level, the beetle is flipped over.

They behave similar to their appearance back in Super Mario Bros. As in Super Mario Bros., they can be kicked when stomped on, and are impervious to fire. When a "bah" is heard in the music in this game and future installments, they will do a short jump, similar to Goombas.

Big Bony Beetle Big Buzzy Beetle Bony Beetle Buster Beetle Buzz-Bomb Buzzy Beetle Gang Buzzy Beetle Tower Dark Spike Top Dark Stone Buzzy Heavy Para-Beetle Mad Mecha-Spike Top Magmite Magmus Noko Bombette Para-Beetle Parabuzzy Red Spike Top Small Buzzy Beetle Small Buzzy Beetle Gang Spike Top Spiky Parabuzzy Stone Buzzy Buzzy Beetles (or simply Buzzies) are turtles with hard, outer shells that are often blue.

Buzzy Beetles will hide in their shells if jumped on, and, like a Koopa Shell, can be kicked to eliminate more enemies.

Buzzy Beetles later reappear in the sequel, New Super Mario Bros. In World 6-3, a big group of Buzzy Beetles can be seen on the ceiling, and will fall on Mario and the group, as they did in Super Mario Bros. In both games, Buzzy Beetles hop to the electronic vocal "bah" in the background music.

They also appear in 8-1, and these ones don't walk off ledges, unlike normal Buzzy Beetles, mainly because they walk off ledges that lead to a body of lava. Unlike in Super Mario World, Yoshi can't completely eat Buzzy Beetles.

One of the new types of Buzzy Beetles are Spiky Parabuzzies, which flies and have a spike on their back, making it hard to damage them.

In Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and Super Paper Mario, Buzzy Beetles eyes and entire face are visible, unlike the other games, where most of its face is covered revealing glowing eyes.

In World 3-4, a Buzzy Beetle is one of the seven Bowser Impostors.